Content auditing for performance improvement

How often do you assess your content assets? If the answer is never, then you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity.

As Google is rolling out its ”helpful content” algorithm update, you don’t want your existing content go to waste. 

We analyze:

  • Content that’s missing — What does your audience need that you haven’t covered?
  • Content that’s underperforming — Which blog posts are not getting the traction you want? 
  • Outdated content — Which content can be revitalized by including more recent stats, anecdotes and trends?
  • Off-brand content – What content no longer aligns with your voice, audience or business goals?
  • Copycat content – What content is so similar to competitors’ content that a reader would not be able to identify your business as the author? 
  • Gold star content – What content has performed extremely well?

After we have gathered this information, we have a clear idea of whether each blog post should be updated, strengthened, merged, deleted or left as is. 

We’ll also share opportunities for new content to be created from scratch and content to be repurposed into other formats.

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